Editor in Chief: Renee Chen

  • Renee Chen is a sophomore student from Taipei, Taiwan. She has been published in The Bookends Review, Cosmic Double, and others. As an advocate for art-driven change, she has served as an editor for Polyphony Lit, The Incandescent Review, and Cathartic Youth Magazine before founding The Trailblazer. She is also a lover of detective novels and can be found reading mystery stories when she is not writing!

Editor in Chief: Kaelin David

  • Kaelin David is a high school student from Southern California. She has a roaming mind, believing that every individual has a narrative to tell. For her, writing is a means of catharsis and immortalizing memories. When she isn't writing, you can find her reading, studying, or watching yet another K-Drama.

Director of Public Relations: Leanne Ubaldo

  • Leanne is an ICT student and artist based in the Philippines. She is a zealous creative gal always drawing and writing about the internet, her intercultural experiences, and sentimentality. Besides creating, she loves ducks, chatting with friends, pizza, and learning new things. You can read more info on her personal website (https://leanneu.neocities.org).

Director of Public Relations: Keyun Xiao

  • Keyun(Coco) Xiao is a learner and artist who interned as a UI/UX designer and won multiple top art awards and first-place writing scholarship. Leading several initiatives on both local and global scales, she is passionate about invoking representation for GenZ women and empowering them in STEM professions especially. She is unafraid to get comfortable with the uncomfortable as she learns how to sail her ship.

Managing Editor: Sulakshana Guha

  • Sulakshana Guha is a sixteen year old writer from Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. She has had her poetry published in Topical Poetry and Plum Tree Tavern. When not buckling under academic pressure, she can be found reading, writing or sketching increasingly deranged faces. She likes murder mysteries, existentialism and a good historical retelling.

Managing Editor: Sumedha Inukollu

  • Sumedha is an undergrad biotechnology student and an aspiring writer from India. She's heavily influenced and inspired by Sylvia plath's writings and her life. She's discovering herself through writing. She's passionate about writing and reading Confessional poetry. She aspires to establish herself as an influential writer.

Managing Editor: Varshini Kommareddy

  • Varshini is a junior in high school and loves to write creatively in her free time. She hopes to write a book some day and by an author as a side job.

General Editor: Hooriya Amin

  • Hooriya loves to read and write, and really wants to pursue a career related to either. She does university level assignments related to these like writing essays, short stories, etc. She has a keen eye for catching mistakes in writings, and tries her best to give best constructive criticism.

General Editor: Ana-Ștefania Diță

  • Ana-Ștefania Diță has a rich repertoire, formed once from participation in various European projects, such as the School-Ambassador Program of the European Parliament, Girls go Circular or eTwinning, but also awards at various competitions, such as: Second place at the World of Tomorrow Bucharest Metropolitan Library, contest (dramaturgy) with the texts published in Literarium 2, 3rd place at the National Dramaturgy Competition, Screenplay and theatrical and cinematographic publication Proscenium (Dramaturgy) and last but not least first place at the national project, learning past history for the present and the future – the Holocaust, essay published in “The Little Journalist”.

General Editor: Krisha Shah

  • Her name is Krisha Shah, from Mumbai, India, She is in 12th grade. She is a Poet and author of the book The Suspects Are Missing. She knows Photoshop and Coral Draw, is a tech-savvy person who believes in loyalty and hard work, and is truly in love with writing and Reading Crime Novels.

General Editor: Fariha Binte Islam

  • This is Fariha, currently reading in MC College, Sylhet, Bangladesh. She looks forward to practicing writing poems and novels.

General Editor: Millie Wu

  • Millie Wu is a sophomore in high school and has a variety of interests, particularly involved with sociology and political science.

General Editor: Shereen Rana

  • Shereen Rana is a high school student from India, and is fond of literature and art. She writes poetry and stories, and has also written articles for Morpho Magazine and Humankind Zine, where she had been and is (respectively) working as a blog writer. Her poetry has been published by various zines and publications, including Stone of Madness Press, Gypsophila Zine and Bowery Gothic. She loves reading mystery; Mary Shelley and Maggie Stiefvater are her favourite authors, and with them as inspiration, she strives to make art and craft words in a way that resemble home the way they have to her.