"A WAR WAGING ON AT HOME" by Nikunj Gupta

In the corner of the room,

i sob alone.

Bawling my eyes out becuase of people.

Who once my house a home.

I think of all the good memories i made,

With my mom and my dad,

Until it was all ripped apart,

taking away all the happiness i had.

In the world full of hatred,

I found love in their eyes.

Now in the same pair of eyes i see the hatreed grow

And love meeting its demise.

The light in my world came from my parents,

who fought through thick and thin.

As i hear the screams from the room beside,

I wonder where the end really begins.

Was it that one time,

When dad came home late,

Or got far too drunk,

To remember what he says.

Did it really begin that night,

When he said all those words to mom.

Were those the stormy winds,

Which led to this violent storm.

Or was it the night all those years ago,

When mom made that remark,

Throwing it around as a joke at a party,

Not knowing it hurt my dad's heart.

Or was it a little after that,

When an argument broke out,

When the room echoes with the sound,

Of dad slapping mom 'cause she shout.

Or did it begin then when dad,

Came home earlier than planned,

Only to catch mom in bed,

Sleeping with another man.

The fights became more frequent,

And The series of arguments never stalled,

With all the pain they bring,

Makes me wonder if second chances are really worth it all.

I don't know when it started,

But it hurts my heart.

Watching the flame of the family they made,

Fading and falling apart.

It's the words that hurt,

More than any weapon or stone,

I would rather not come through the door at all

Than come back everyday to a war raging on at home.