We’re a game of chess

With bishops going to g4

A Queen's Gambit fleeting the board

The pawns turning to queens

Our love so keen

Yet in all my pieces

There's you

Capturing my rook

Like you learned from the books

Just like you did my heart

Our love seemingly like a disease

Yet I don't feel bad at all

It's like I’m not even me anymore

And all my pieces belong to you

You captured my knight

I have no fright

Because you're still my knight in shining armor

The control you have over me

Such a charmer

Waiting for your move

Where I approve

The clock ticks

My heart beats

For you or for victory

I'm not sure

Maybe you are my king

Maybe this is what it feels like


A deadly disease

I gave a pawn for your rook

Like I learned from the books

A piece of me for you

And in the end

You are my checkmate