"DEPARTURE" BY Fariha Binte Islam

My eyes turned numb and my sight went frail.

The visage of an anti vicious turned into an archer to my glitch.

Her words form assertions being the arrow while I hitched.

The fragility of hurts and ever reforming wounds framed the fire.

Then it lit the whole room and the circuit became loud.

I wish,the pain it screamed was believed.

But the firmest tapestry of aplomb shredded into paper dust.

It broke the cords to be heard or at least reside.

Consciousness ringed near my left ear and

whispered that a storm took away my shelter,

the tree near my home turned out to be a blurry sabre.

I hated,I hated firmly the route it took and snatched my home.

My pain curved the fear into a shield of fire.