"FOREVER ENDS NOW" by Nikunj Gupta

There are tears in my eyes,

As I watch the Sun set.

All my thoughts are of him,

I think about when we first met.

I was only two then,

When he moved into the house beside mine,

The world must've shaken that day,

For it marked the meeting of two lives meant to intertwine.

What a strange relationship it was,

Back when it first did start,

maybe that was the first sign,

Of a friendship meant to last.

It began with a glance,

And then small friendly talks,

To meeting up everyday,

To going out for walks

And all that led to a bond so strong,

A bond that held on,

even when everything went wrong,

A bond that lasted so long,

That now when he's gone,

It leaves me so forlorn.

I smile as i think of his,

I laugh as I think of his,

I think of how unfair it was,

Of how it was never supposed to end like this.

I couldn't carry his sorrow,

I couldn't carry his pain,

With me or without me,

Maybe to him, It was all the same.

I regret not being able to help him,

I regret not being able to tell him to strive.

I couldn't stop him either,

As I saw him take his own life.

I wonder what those promises of forever meant,

my mind filled with questions of where, when, and how,

I guess it all only has one explanation,

"Forever Ends Now”