a Poem by Mercy Gondwe

The blade wedged itself deep into my chest

It writhes, cutting deeper into me.

The blood leaks from the aching wound

And fills my empty chest,

There is no room to breathe.

My mouth agape, I’m gasping for air.

The tears slide down my face and slip past my lips

I raise my hand to grab the blade but I cannot touch it

It has sunk so far into me that I can no longer see it

Oh but I could feel it.

I lay my body still to calm its writhing

And soon enough my chest opens

The salty blood gushes out of me, the blade flowing with it

My skin and my clothes are dyed red as a warm pool wraps around me

My voice is caught in my throat; I cannot scream

I lay still as the blood engulfs me, only seeing red

This is death.

About the Author

Mercy is a seventeen year old girl that loves reading and writing and takes great pride in it. She likes to spend time with her friends, listening to music and spending time in nature.