"RED OCEAN" by Sumedha Inukollu

Don't turn back this time, I won't ask My bones,my mind and my soul are freezing

With each touch of yours, you turned me to

a glacier

And the glacier flows in me, sings in my head like a linnets song

Now as i sleep with my solitude your

breath touches my cheek like the slight warmth of winter sun

The dreams kept coming back so i slept through the storm

All those dreams now lay dead and buried deep in the ocean

The ocean we dreamt of was not dark,didn't feel gray

So I dressed white today, took out the blues you left

I left my shoes at the shore to rest and

kept walking

As i walked without your blues i stumbled upon a wound, caused by a million swords But I kept walking to seek those dreams I kept walking till the ocean turned red I finally met the bright red ocean that treasured our dreams like it's own pearls I stared at the shore where my shoes rested and took a deep dive

Thereafter I lived on with our dreams.