"THE POWER OF HOPE" by Nikunj Gupta

My mountain of problems overwhelms me,

All I can feel is sadness and stress.

And no matter how hard I try to face them,

My life never seems to progress.

I felt it was bad enough,

Never thought it would get worse.

So I wasn't ready when it did,

My life felt like a curse.

I lay in bed all day,

Doing nothing at all.

Slowly losing interest in life,

When I heard a new emotion call.

I saw it shine bright,

Brighter than the sun.

It spoke of all the happy things,

It said that the good days would return.

At first,

my mind refused to accept the emotion as my own,

But as I began to embrace it,

I realized how much I had grown.

i saw myself before everything went wrong,

I was a boy, naive and strange.

Mt troubles had helped me in their own way,

I see how much I have changed.

I finally embraced the emotion,

I finally answered the call.

I don't how, but I felt like I could face my life,

It was the power of hope after all.