My parents never cared,

They called me a disappointment.

I love them but never got it back,

They said i was a child the devil sent

At school, all I did was like a boy,

They picked on me all day.

"You are a freak, a loser",

That's all they would say.

My teachers always hated me,

They said nothing could be done.

They proclaimed me a loser,.

Even before my chance had even begun

My peers always said,

"This is not how you're supposed to be"

They pressurized me all the way,

Didn't let me be me.

I used to stay up all night,

Lay in my bed and cry.

One of these nights, i just knew,

That life was not worth another try.

I went and got a bottle of water,

And swallowed all the pills,

I felt my consciousness slip away,

Until my body lay still.

They will all seem sad,

But they will never know how much they made me cry.

How they never let me recover,

How they never let me try.

Yes i blame them,

It was my life that they stole.

But they will all drop by at my funeral and say,

"Gone too soon. The world lost a great soul.”