On the fifteenth son of the first month of the second year of Tianbao, the Tang Daming Palace:

In the main hall, Lu Guihuanon was full of spring color and could not be closed, a spring breeze blew ten palace maids scattered, played by musical instruments such as gong, flute, zither, flute and other musical instruments, ten fairies in feathering clothes in the center of the main hall scattered, a woman with a thin appearance of Huan Feiyan spun quickly, and the foreign envoys and court officials in the room were speechless by this wonderful dance.

Prime Minister Li Linpu raised his glass to Yang Guozhong and said, “ ‘This Neon Clothes Plume Song’ written by His Majesty himself can only be danced by Niangniang.” Yang Guozhong said, “Yes!” Li Linfu said again, “This is what His Majesty did when he ascended Luoyang Sanxiang Yi and looked at his daughter mountain. The whole piece has a total of 36 parts, with three parts: scattered order (6 parts), middle sequence (18 sections) and Qubao (12 parts), integrating song, dance and instrumental music. His Majesty personally taught the disciples of Liyuan to play, sung by the palace maidens, and used 30 female artists, 10 at a time. It's all free-paced loose boards, which is wonderful! Wonderful very!” Yang Guozhong said with a surprised face, “How does the prime minister know?” Li Linfu said, “Your Majesty's hard work, how can you not know as a courtier!”

Tang Xuanzong Li Longji took a sip of wine and said, “What national affairs are Li Aiqing and his uncle discussing?” Yang Guozhong said, “The prime minister is telling his subordinate that His Majesty has created this song exquisitely!” Xiaguan really admired it when he heard it! Li Longji smiled.

Yang Guifei danced and cheered, Yang Guifei walked straight to Li Longji and said coquettishly, “Is it that the slave family does not dance well, His Majesty is making fun of the slave family with his brother and prime minister.” Li Longji smiled and said, “It's too late to praise you, isn't it, Uncle Li Aiqing!” Li Linfu said, “Yes, His Majesty's dancing posture and His Majesty's arrangement admired the five bodies to the ground!” Yang Guozhong said, “Yes, five bodies to the ground!”

Yang Yuhuan said, “Why didn't you see Li Bai at such a grand banquet? Li Longji said with a smile, “Li Taibai, this disciple doesn't know where to drink again, Lux went to find it and wrote a song to praise the beauty of the concubine's dancing neon dress song.”

“The minister is here!" A drunken voice sounded in a corner of the Daming Palace. Qunchen laughed loudly, and Li Longji said with a smile: "Taibai come over and write a word to the concubine, otherwise I will drown you in the wine vat." Li Bai stumbled to Li Longji's feet and said arrogantly: "The minister is not thinking well, His Majesty is useless to drown the minister with alcohol, unless..." Li Longji approached Li Bai and said, "Unless what?" Li Bai climbed Li Longji's ear and said, "Unless Colix takes off his boots for the minister, and the mother pours wine for the minister." Li Longji laughed, Qunchen laughed, Li Longji laughed and said: "Taibai's shelf is really big, what do you think?" Colix shook his head and hurriedly leaned over to take off his boots for Li Bai, Yang Guifei smiled and took a glass of wine to feed Li Bai to drink, and said while feeding: "Drink more and write well." Li Bai almost stopped drinking, causing everyone to laugh again. Everyone took paper and ink, and Li Bai wrote with wine: Qing Pingjiao · One one

Yun wants to wear clothes and flowers, and the spring breeze blows Revlon. If it weren't for the jade mountain, he would meet Yaotai Yue.

Everyone was amazed that it was well written!

Yang Guifei read it out and said: "The writing is so good, I didn't waste the wine I fed, it is worthy of being an immortal!" Li Longji said: "Taibai will call you Shixian in the future!" Lead the imperial court to write a few more good poems with the concubine, and it will not dishonor your name! "Li Bai climbed on the ground and said: Chen is a fairy in wine, if there is a good wine minister, he will write, if he does not, he will not write!" Li Linfu said sharply: Li Bai, you are bold! Dare to disobey the Holy Command! Li Longji smiled and said: No problem! Taibai rest assured, there are many good wines in this Daming Palace, and you can't finish drinking it even if you drink it for a thousand years! Li Linfu said, "Li Bai still doesn't thank Lord Longen? Li Bai tilted his eyes and sat recliningly, looking drunk and said impatiently: "Thank you Lord Longen! Li Longji only said that he was drunk and did not blame him.

At this time, An Lushan, who was escorted to Chang'an because of his defeat, had already arrived outside the palace, and Li Linfu said to Li Longji: "An Lushan has arrived outside the palace, I heard that the Hu Xuan dance performed by An Lushan is very beautiful, do you want to see it?" Li Longji said: "It's okay, if the jump is not good-looking, then pull it out and chop, Xuan!”

The eunuch shouted, "Xuan! Lucheng Festival made An Lushan meet! ” An Lushan is in his 40s, looking cute, 180,280 pounds tall, coming up panting, Yang Guifei was scared when she saw An Lushan so big and said: "What a big child!" "An Lushan knelt down and kowtowed to Yang Guifei and shouted for her mother! Yang Guifei giggled and said, "How can I have a child as old as you!" An Lushan said, "You call me a child, you are my mother!" Li Longji laughed and said, "People call you mother, hurry up and recognize this child." Yang Guifei also laughed, and all the civil and military officials of the Manchu Dynasty laughed along. Li Longji said with a smile: "The mother must also dance, and if you don't dance well, you still kill your head." An Lushan said, "This is for daddy." Saying that, getting up and jumping to the music, Yang Guifei said: "I am my mother, of course you are my father." Li Longji patted his leg and laughed. Don't look at An Lushan is a 280-pound big fat man dancing Hu Xuan dance is very light, like a spinning top when rotating, everyone can't help but marvel! Yang Guifei was also dumbfounded and said, "The eldest son has become a big top!" "The night was spent in the joy of everyone and the rotation of An Lushan.

The next day, Yang Yuhuan disappeared.

October 15, 2041 8:30

Beautiful National Six Star Building headquarters

In a huge office, a capable old man sat behind a desk, the phone rang, he picked up the phone: "Yes, Vivian, let him in!" He put down the phone, gently raised his hand and made a shooting motion in the direction of the door. Then there was a soft knock on the office door, and he said, "Come in!" A tall black man walked in and said, "Mr. President, you need to sign the United Nations Global Plan to Prevent Ecological Degradation!" The old man gestured for the black man to sit down, picked up a camel-branded cigarette box from the table and smoked one and gestured at the black man, and the black man said: "Thank you, Mr. President, I quit!" The old man took a cigarette and lit the fire, inhaled gracefully, spit out a cloud of smoke, and said, "Call me Gordon, Brian." The black man known as Brian said, "I still call you president feel more dignified!" Gordon took another sip and said, "This country needs strong people, not solemn people!" Brian said, "But I'm a black man!" Gordon picked up the delicate dragon lighter on the table and played with it and said: "I know that you are a black man, you need to be careful in doing things, even a Oxford doctor like you lives too carefully, take it easy, I will lead the beautiful country to greatness again, you know!" Brian said excitedly, "I believe you!" Mr. Gordon, you will lead us to greatness, I have always believed! Without your signature, this global environment cannot be implemented without $2 billion! Gordon slapped the lighter on the mahogany table and said: "Don't mention the environment, what does the deterioration of the global environment concern me, I just smoked a cigarette, now the problem is that the defense budget must be added 7 more points, understand?" Vice President Brian, without these 7 points, you will roll me to the country of Huaxia, wild boars like you are needed over there! Brian said with an ugly face: "You have the final say, Mr. President!" Gordon said, "Now get me out and do what I say!" Blair hurriedly got up and walked a few steps to the door and closed it respectfully, Gordon made a shooting motion towards the door, and when he was old, he put his hands together in front of his chest and chanted: "I will lead you to greatness again." After reading it several times, he lit a cigarette boredly, and the lighter in his hand clicked shut, Gordon looked at the lighter in his hand, Long Yaowu's body was slender, and there were two broken red diamonds in the dragon's eyes, and he tried to pick it twice without cutting it off.

At this time, a sudden bang suddenly exploded a hole in Gordon's brain, the flesh skin disappeared, the bones also exploded, even the inside of the brain could be seen clearly, Gordon fell back on the chair, and the brain pulp flowed out little by little mixed with blood.

September 15, 1509 16:12

Louvre Museum, France

Wang Changan and Fu Jiaojiao viewed the painting in the Louvre Museum of Famous Paintings, and Fu Jiaojiao pointed to "Mona Lisa's Smile" and said: "Is this painting of Chang'an the real "Mona Lisa"? Wang Changan said: "Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa is in the Louvre in Paris. But in the collecting world, there is a saying that it is not the Mona Lisa that hangs in the Louvre, and the real Mona Lisa is on the wall of a London apartment.Dr. Pulitzer, the custodian of the apartment and the work, said that after the Mona Lisa was completed, the work remained with Lisa de Zogondo. Later, another aristocrat asked Leonardo da Vinci to paint a portrait of his mistress, a woman known as "La Joconda" (meaning "smiling man"), who resembled the Mona Lisa. So, the lazy da Vinci replaced the face of the Mona Lisa with La Joconda. After the painting was completed, the nobleman abandoned Rajoconda and did not buy the painting. Later, Leonardo da Vinci went to France at the invitation of Francis I and brought the painting with him. Pulitzer said it was the portraits of La Joconda that added splendor to the Louvre. The Mona Lisa was later exiled to England, where it was bought by a museum curator and art connoisseur William Black at the beginning of the century, and later by a Swiss consortium, of which Pulitzer was a member. Wang Changan said. Am I clear? Fu Jiaojiao said: "It's quite clear, but this painting feels very dark in color, and it is not as bright as seen on TV!" Wang Changan said warily: "Shh! Pay attention to the point of talking, TV was not invented until 400 years later! Fu Jiaojiao gently covered her mouth and said, "I'm sorry Chang'an, I said to show my mouth again!" ”

At this time, Wang Changan's pocket rang dripping, Wang Changan took out a small earphone from his pocket and stuffed it in his ear, and the voice of O'Neill, the director of the Time Immigration Investigation Bureau, came from the earphone: "Agent 0 is you?" Wang Changan said resolutely, "It's me." Chief O'Neill said, "Is No. 101 with you too?" Wang Changan said: "It was you who asked me and No. 101 to investigate the relationship between the Mona Lisa's Smile and the mysterious signal in the time dimension. O'Neill said: "I know, you go back to the headquarters of the Time Immigration Investigation Bureau first, there are some important things that you need to do." Wang Changan shrugged his shoulders and said, "But you said that the "Mona Lisa" thing was not done well, so don't come back to see you." O'Neill said word by word: "But now there is a new situation, I hope you will be back immediately." Wang Changan said, "Immediately? O'Neill said, "Immediately! Wang Changan kicked Lizheng and said, "Obey the order!" And directly clicked a button in his pocket, a wormhole as tall as his body appeared in front of him, Fu Jiaojiao said in surprise: Are you crazy to open a wormhole in the Louvre? Wang Changan said: Hurry up, there is no time! Saying that, he jumped into the wormhole, and Fu Jiaojiao shook her head and jumped in.

June 21, 1582 23:11

Honnoji Temple, Japan

Oda Nobunaga gently raised the sake cup and drank the sake, just like drinking the world, Nobunaga's face could not help but relax, Sunran Maru, who was kneeling next to him, meticulously got up with a wine jug in his hand and poured sake into Nobunaga's wine cup, the wine cup in his hand was made of the skull of Asai Nagamasa, the enemy of the Oda family, and at this moment the gold-painted wine cup shone golden in Nobunaga's hand, "Maybe it's the relationship between candle fire!" The beautiful boy Sumamaru thought like this, "Hey, Ranmaru, with this wine, the wine will taste better ahhaha." Nobunaga laughed and drank the wine cup to Orochimaru, who caught it carefully.

Nobunaga stood up and raised the fan flat, his eyes sharply looked at the two mustaches in the distance and moved majestically, Nobunaga sang his mastery of "Tunsheng", when Nobunaga sang "Atsumori" and led 2,500 people to rush into the enemy position of 300 million people in narrow barrels to take down the first level of the enemy East China Sea, Imagawa Yoshimoto, to win today's achievements, he sang:

"I always think that the world is drifting and impermanent, such as the morning dew and the moon reflected in the water.

The prosperity of the moment is fleeting, and the popular characters are not what they used to be.

Fifty years of life, it is not a bustle, floating dream.

Fame and annihilation are only fateful causes and effects.

In one thought, what a pity, it is unbearable to worry about Kyoto.

The prison gate was shown to the public, and the head of Dunsheng was stolen and returned home to be worshiped. ”

Before he finished singing, suddenly a bullet hit the pillar not far from Nobunaga's side, Nobunaga looked back at the bullet hole in the pillar in disbelief, and suddenly there was a loud gunshot outside, and a samurai crawled in with a rolling belt, with several burning arrows stuck in his back, he knelt down and said: "Lord, there is an enemy coming in outside!" Nobunaga stepped over to the samurai, grabbed his collar and said, "Who is the enemy?" The samurai said, "I don't know, it seems to be a Kikyo flag," and after saying that, the samurai softened.

Nobunaga said with a hideous and incredulous face, "What? Mitsuhide this fool betrayed me? ” Nobunaga walked out of the room, and outside the room, countless samurai wearing armor and sticking the Kikyo flag rushed in to fight with Nobunaga's retainers, and there were musketeers on the wall behind who suddenly fired cold arrows, and Nobunaga's retainers could not defeat the tide of enemy soldiers with a hundred. Suddenly, there was a commotion on the wall, and Mitsuhide appeared on the roof, and Nobunaga gritted his teeth and said, "Mitsuhide, you traitor!" Mitsuhide Wise pointed at Oda Nobunaga and said, "You Buddha enemy, enlighten!" Nobunaga took the arquebus gun in Sunranmaru's hand and shot it at Mitsuhide Wise, Mitsuhide Senshi pulled his men to block Nobunaga's shot at him, and with a wave of his hand, the musketeers behind him shot at Nobunaga, and the retainers in front of Nobunaga formed a circle to block the bullets fired at Nobunaga, only to hear everyone fall.

Nobunaga spat and threw the arquebus to Orochimaru, turned around and returned to the inner hall of Honnoji Temple, at this time Honnoji Temple was already burning with fire, Nobunaga picked up the fan, raised it to chest level, and continued to sing:

"Sighing like smoke, impermanence in the world, fifty years of life. They are not bustling, floating dreams. ”

After singing, the man, known as the "Sixth Heavenly Demon King", who was about to unite Japan's Sengoku, disappeared into the fire.

13:23 on October 15, 3000

Time Immigration Investigation Directorate headquarters

Wang Changan and Fu Jiaojiao walked directly into the office of Director O'Neill through the wormhole, and Wang Changan said: "What is so urgent about the bureau chief that requires me to appear in front of you immediately?" ”

"Agent 0, you may not know that the history of mankind has been messed up, Yang Yuhuan of the Great Tang Dynasty disappeared, the president of the beautiful country was assassinated in his office, Japan's Oda Nobunaga did not die in Honnoji, you know that if history is deviated from time, the world established will collapse, all humans in this world will disappear in 10 days, and we will all disappear." O'Neill said word for word.

Wang Changan said: "Then this matter is quite serious, so chief, why did you give me such an important task?" O'Neill said: "Because you are the best, I firmly believe that no one can be more competent than you!" Wang Changan said: "Director, maybe you are going to be disappointed, I refuse." O'Neill said, "You refuse to be the hero who saves all mankind? Wang Changan said: "I can't say that I don't want to, I can only say that I don't want to go at all." O'Neill said: "It's simple, you can allocate global resources at will. Wang Changan said: "The main thing is that I don't have a villa with a pool and a Porsche 911, if I have these, maybe I can do the job." O'Neill said, "That's it? No problem, the bureau will all report to you, and you can build your villa and drive your car in any time dimension, all as you please! Wang Changan said cheerfully: "Look at your old comrade bureau chief, you said that I would have taken this job a long time ago, don't worry!" The future of all mankind is entrusted to me! The last few words Wang Changan finished in the broadcast cavity. O'Neill said: "Whatever people are needed, just open your mouth. Wang Changan said: "Just pay Comrade Jiaojiao on No. 101, no matter how many people there are, it is useless, and it is not to play in the European Cup." O'Neill said: "You have the final say, you are happy." Fu Jiaojiao said, "You haven't asked me if I want to." Wang Changan pulled Fu Jiaojiao and clicked a button in his pants, and the wormhole immediately appeared, and then they walked towards the wormhole, and Wang Changan muttered in his mouth: "There is no time, hurry up!" Fu Jiaojiao threw down all the way to feed and was dragged into the wormhole by Wang Changan.

On the sixteenth day of the first month of the second year of Tianbao, the Great Tang Huaqing Palace

Wang Changan and Fu Jiaojiao came to Yang Guifei's bedroom, and Wang Changan said, "Let's look for some clues." Fu Jiaojiao said, "Okay. The two turned the bedroom over like thieves, but still found nothing. Fu Jiaojiao wiped her sweat and said, "I didn't find anything." Wang Changan straightened up and said, "What's wrong?" At this time, the palace maid outside the door heard a noise and came to check, and Wang Changan and Fu Jiaojiao hurriedly entered the wormhole. The palace maid pushed the door and came in, saw the room full of messes, and was shocked and shouted: "Come! Thief in! Not far away, a palace maid with a gloomy expression pressed her ear and said, "They are coming." ”

On the sixteenth day of the first month of the second year of Tianbao, the Daming Palace of the Tang Dynasty

Wang Changan and Fu Jiaojiao walked out of the wormhole and saw Li Longji, who was looking melancholy and had just fallen asleep, still saying dream words in his mouth: "Huanhuan, Huanhuan." Wang Changan shushed at Fu Jiaojiao, tiptoeing around, and suddenly saw the emperor's crown on the table shimmering with the different pupils he had since childhood, Wang Changan picked up the crown and looked at it carefully, and suddenly two steel needles flew from the shadows Wang Changan took the crown to block, and the two steel needles were nailed to the crown. Immediately after that, a black shadow rushed over to Wang Chang'an's face was a palm, fortunately, Wang Chang'an has practiced Bajiquan since he was a child, and has a high martial arts attainment, Wang Changan gently stretched out a palm to shock back the enemy.

Fu Jiaojiao hurriedly kicked out a leg and was dissolved by the enemy, and only then did Wang Changan see that it was a masked palace maid, and the palace maid looked 18 or 9 years old. At this time, Li Longji suddenly woke up and saw the three strangers in front of him shouting: "What kind of person? Come, escort! The three did not dare to fight, the masked palace maid turned and disappeared into the darkness, Wang Changan put away the crown and Fu Jiaojiao jumped into the wormhole.

The royal guards outside the door rushed in and found nothing, leaving only a stunned Li Longji.

October 16, 2041 11:30

Beautiful National Six Star Building headquarters Gordon office

Wang Changan and Fu Jiaojiao walked out of the wormhole, and Fu Jiaojiao said to Wang Changan with a questioning face: "Why did Chang'an take Li Longji's crown?" Wang Changan said: "I saw a faint light in the crown with different pupils, although I don't know what it is, but I feel that there should be a big secret hidden!" Fu Jiaojiao said, "What is the secret? Wang Changan said: "I don't know yet, but I will know." Wang Changan looked around and found that there was a faint light spreading out from the table, Wang Changan approached the table and locked the target on a dragon-type lighter, and the light turned out to be emitted by the dragon's eyes. Wang Changan took the lighter into his arms.

“It's worthy of Agent 0, and you found it again!" "Who is it?" Wang Changan heard the sound a little fried, but obviously no one, at this time from the corner of the house came out of a dark shadow, Wang Changan carefully saw that it was the young girl with half of her face covered in the Daming Palace, the young girl said: "Follow me, I'll take you to a place." Wang Changan said, "Where are you taking me?" The young girl said, "Don't you know when you go?" Fu Jiaojiao said: "Chang'an don't believe her, she wants to kill you." The young girl said, "Then I go?" Wang Changan said, "Hey! The young girl laughed maniacally, and Wang Changan said to Jiaojiao: "It's okay, she can't beat me." The young girl opened a wormhole behind her and walked in, followed by Wang Changan and Fu Jiaojiao, and jumped into the wormhole.


A mysterious time-space headquarters In a huge room, the young girl came out of the wormhole and knelt down to an old woman and said, "Lord Shi, they are coming." Wang Changan and Fu Jiaojiao also just jumped out of the wormhole, shocked by the strange environment in front of them, not at all like the environment inhabited by humans, more like a certain time tree, the lord looked at Wang Changan and Fu Jiaojiao and said: "You are finally here!" Wang Changan said, "Here it is." The Lord said, "You shouldn't have come." Wang Changan said, "But the final return is coming." Fu Jiaojiao said on the side: "Stop, are you possessed by ancient dragons?" It's still cosized, let's get down to business! Lord Shi smiled and said, "Isn't this to ease the awkward atmosphere? Wang Changan: What I said, please be sure to listen carefully. Wang Changan said with a solemn expression, and the time lord continued: "We are the time religion, our believers have been protecting the civilization hidden in time for 4,000 years, the time star people, but recently the time star is collapsing, and it will soon be completely destroyed, so on behalf of the 12 billion fathers and villagers on the time star, please save the child!" Fu Jiaojiao said: "They are all children? Then the Lord said, "They are all my children in my eyes!" Wang Changan said: "I can understand all this, why did you arrest Yang Guifei, kill the president of the beautiful country, and arrest Oda Nobunaga?" Grab a table of mahjong in Hades? The time lord said: "Yang Yuhuan and Oda Nobunaga are both native of the time planet who escaped from the time star, and they were arrested to obtain the secret of how they escaped, in fact, the time star is 2-dimensional. "Fu Jiaojiao said: Isn't the time star a flat plane where 12 billion people live in a picture?" Shi Lord looked into Fu Jiaojiao's eyes and said, "To be precise, I live in the time dimension of a painting. Wang Changan said, "Which painting?" The Lord said, "The Mona Lisa's Smile!" Wang Changan laughed and said: "Nonsense, Mona Lisa's smile is only more than 500 years, how can there be 4,000 years of civilization of the time stars?" The Lord said, "Who painted the Mona Lisa?" Fu Jiaojiao replied, "Da Vinci." The Lord said, "What if Leonardo da Vinci was not an earthling? Wang Changan looked at Fu Jiaojiao and Fu Jiaojiao was also frightened, Wang Changan said: "Da Vinci is also a time star? Lord Time said, "To be precise, Leonardo da Vinci was the first leader of the Time Sect. Wang Changan said, "How many terms are you?" The Lord said, "First." Fu Jiaojiao said: "It's good that you just say that you are Leonardo da Vinci, go around such a big bend, bully a young and good-looking person like me, brush achievements?" The Lord said, "Time is eternal, so our lives are also eternal, or we are part of time." Then the Lord said, "Wang Chang'an, what is the Happy Planet?" Wang Changan said: "What is Happy Planet? "Lord Shi said: If you want to go to Happy Planet, let me take you there!" Fu Jiaojiao said: "You old comrade, don't be so skinny, okay? Let's get down to business, what do you want us to do? The Lord said, "I want you to cooperate!" "Cooperation?" Wang Changan said, and the Lord said, "Yes! Cooperate! ”。 Wang Changan said: "How to cooperate? The Lord said: "The holy relics you have collected can only be seen by you, our ultimate goal is that the holy relics are not people, before collecting the three holy relics and getting the painting of Mona Lisa's smile, you can change the time star people from two dimensions to normal humans, and they can achieve time travel, how?" Saving a life is better than creating a seventh-level float, 12 billion people, you can build a float from the earth to the moon! Wang Changan said, "Okay, I agreed." The Lord said, "I knew you would agree, you really are a man with a big pattern!" "Without further ado, I'll go find the last holy relic." Wang Changan threw out the wormhole and dragged Fu Jiaojiao away. Lord Shi looked at Wang Chang'an, who was galloping away, and a weird smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.

Wang Chang'an quickly took out a shimmering saber used by Oda Nobunaga from Japan's Honganji Temple.

Wang Changan and Fu Jiaojiao collected three holy relics and came to the Louvre Museum in Paris, France, and took out the holy relics one by one to the "Mona Lisa's Smile", only to see a flash of strong light, the whole time and the world are collapsing, Wang Changan shouted badly, thinking that it must be the way of the time sect leader Leonardo da Vinci, but unfortunately regretted it too late.

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